Increasing CarboMimetics patent portfolio and assets

In addition to an exclusive know-how in sugar based rational drug design, CarboMimetics pursues a consistent IP strategy by further developing its GlycoSmart platform and protecting its related programs:

  • Patent for thrombosis complication program – Composition of Matter
  • Patent for cancer program under filing – Composition of Matter
  • Incoming patent – Application of Matter

Besides, CarboMimetics regularly implements its extensive and diversified sugar library for therapeutic purposes. Thus, compounds targeted inflammation and diabetes have been discovered.

The mission of CarboMimetics is to consolidate its intellectual property. Today, CarboMimetics IP relies on 4 assets:

  • its existing and ongoing patents
  • its expertise and unique know-how in sugars development and medicinal chemistry
  • An unmatched platform for totally synthesis of original sugars
  • An exclusive and extensive library of compounds that will be implemented