An unrivalled and integrated Glycochemistry platform for de novo medicines

CarboMimetics has developed a unique & proprietary platform – GlycoSMART®– devoted to Rationale & Smart Design, Synthesis and Optimization of Sugar based Drugs (Medicinal Glycochemistry).

Integrated platform based on the three following pillars:

  • GlycoFinder: tailored & comprehensive database, consolidating all existing and relevant sugar based science for therapeutic purposes. Thanks to a smart correlation of consolidated data (diseases + potential targets + potential hits), GlycoFinder offers very promising perspectives of exploitation within new territories (in terms of targets, molecules, patents..).
  • GlycoLib: an exclusive, complex & extensive library of sugars (mono and oligosaccharide intermediates). Thanks to GlycoLib, process ranging from Hit identification to Lead is very significantly reduced by 3 to 5 years.
  • Medicinal Chemistry: Innovating/Proprietary process



GlycoSMART® Competitive Hedge

As opposed to the very few actors in Glycochemistry field, CarboMimetics is able to design & develop “optimizable/pure” sugar-based molecules with controlled pharmacodynamic/pharmacokinetic profiles, toxicity and drug-like properties. As shown below, Carbomimetics Exclusive approach requires complex in-house expertise to provide a high degree of rationale design and optimization, unicity of Carbomimetics.