An unrivalled and integrated Glycochemistry platform for de novo active ingredients

CarboMimetics has developed a unique & proprietary platform – GlycoSMART– devoted to rationale & smart design, synthesis and optimization of sugar-based compounds (Medicinal Glycochemistry).

Integrated platform based on the three following pillars:

  • GlycoFinder: tailored & comprehensive database, consolidating all existing and relevant sugar-based science for therapeutic purposes. Thanks to a smart correlation of consolidated data (diseases + potential targets + potential hits), GlycoFinder offers very promising perspectives of exploitation within new territories (in terms of targets, molecules, patents, etc.).
  • GlycoLib: an exclusive and original available collection of target small sugar fragments and more than 3,000 building blocks (mono and oligosaccharide intermediates). Thanks to GlycoLib, process ranging from Hit identification to Lead is very significantly reduced by 3 to 5 years.
  • Medicinal Chemistry: Innovating/Proprietary process

scheme glycosmart
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GlycoSMART Competitive Hedge

As opposed to the very few actors in Glycochemistry field, CarboMimetics is able to design & develop “optimizable/pure” sugar-based molecules with controlled pharmacodynamic/pharmacokinetic profiles, toxicity and drug-like properties. As shown below, Carbomimetics Exclusive approach requires complex in-house expertise to provide a high degree of rationale design and optimization, unicity of Carbomimetics.