Science of Glycochemistry

Totally synthesis of sugar based drugs

Carbohydrates play key roles in a broad range of biological processes, through their interactions with more than 80 proteins of interest or potential interest. Although 30 sugar based drugs are presently on the market for various therapeutic areas (infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, CNS disorders, inflammation, diabetes, skin-ageing..), sugars still remain an untapped source of drugs, therefore presenting several competitive advantages:

  • Naturally related molecules, less immunogenic and more human friendly
  • New & huge space of patentability
  • Possibility to design molecules against non conventional and difficult targets
  • New Mode of Actions (leaving space for First In Class)
  • Broad possibilities of optimization from initial structures (exclusive to CarboMimetics GlycoSmart)

Glycochemistry is defined as the chemistry of carbohydrates and glycosides. Hence CarboMimetics medicinal Glycochemistry expertise lies in the design & optimization of carbohydrates drug candidates.