Open innovation  approach to speed up innovative drug development

Our mission is to become a front line player in medicinal glycochemistry.

CarboMimetics business model is to develop a solid and balanced portfolio of sugar based therapeutic programs but also to provide integrated and strategic partnerships in glycochemistry programs around its platform GlycoSmart. CarboMimetics thus intends to develop three main business activities today:

  • Out licensing of its promising candidates: CarboMimetics intends to strengthen its two ongoing programs focused in oncology and related complications (inhibition of metastasis and coagulation) and to extend its portfolio on new therapeutic areas.
  • Improvement of pharmacological properties: CarboMimetics offers its expertise in carbohydrates drug discovery through strategic partnership with pharmaceutical partners. CarboMimetics carbocarrier technology will be a high valuable tool to improve pharmacological properties of any drug candidates (PK, PD, solubility, stability, BBB…)
  • Screening of its sugar library: CarboMimetics proposes its original and patentable library compounds for a screening on targets that could be of interest for your Company. For instance, about 5% of the whole library has been screened in in house assays and gave positive results for inflammation and diabetes (Pipeline & Programs)


Win-win partnerships through a risk-sharing model is the business approach that CarboMimetics would shape to speed-up its program developments as well as strengthen its collaboration and partnerships.


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